Lens and Optical Injection Molding Company

Optical Plastic Injection Molding Services with Global Quality Standards

THY Precision is a leading provider of optical injection molding services for plastic components that meet international quality standards. We specialize in producing TV LED light beams, lens holders, lens barrels, lens spacers, lens retainers, lens hoods, optical mouse lenses, and transparent parts, among others.

One of our key strengths is our advanced ultra-precision CNC diamond turning lathe, the Nanotech 250 UPL. This state-of-the-art machine allows us to produce spherical and aspheric optical lenses, mirrors, mold inserts, freeform optics, and mechanical components with sub-nanometer level surface finishes and sub-micron accuracies. We work with a wide range of materials to provide our clients with the best possible custom plastic molding solutions for their ultra-precision applications, in the following areas:

Micro-optics on non-flat substrates

Contact lenses plastic mold manufacturing

Optical fibers

Optical components

Diffractive optical elements

Lens Molding Meets Optical Molding: Shaping the Future of Optics

In optics, the blend of optical molding and lens molding is reshaping the industry. Optical molding facilitates large-scale, cost-effective production of durable, non-glass lenses, overcoming historical fragility and cost issues. This collaboration has enabled the creation of high-quality lenses with flawless optical finishes, positioning plastic optic lenses as resilient alternatives across various applications.

The integration of optical and lens molding prioritizes efficiency and innovation in optics. Plastic optic lenses, crafted with precision molding, emerge as durable alternatives, meeting modern application demands. This collaborative approach not only ensures mass production but also signifies a strategic shift toward a future where optical solutions are advanced and accessible. The journey of optical molding, combined with lens molding, promises a transformative future where optics seamlessly combine durability, precision, and cost-effectiveness.

Optics Components Mastery by THY Precision

As a leader in the field of optical injection molding, THY Precision excels in both lens molding and optical molding. Our unwavering commitment to the highest quality and precision benchmarks in the optical component manufacturing sector ensures that the products we deliver, from sophisticated lens moldings to advanced optical moldings, are of the utmost efficacy and reliability. If you require unparalleled precision in optical components, contact THY Precision to explore how we can meet your needs.

THY Precision provides plastic optical lens molding in Class 100K clean room.