Contract Medical Device Manufacture

Plastic Injection Molding Service - Contract Medical Device Manufacturing

As the overall growth of the medical device market, THY Precision, as a contract medical device manufacturer, offers a comprehensive range of customized solutions for medical device productions. In order to satisfy our customers’ needs, we not only meet regulatory standards but focus on high precision and quality to leverage our customers’ investments by saving time and money without compromising all the essential accreditations and quality.

ISO 13485 Certified Medical Device Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

THY Precision is a high-precision contract medical device manufacturer certified by ISO 13485, specializing in the production of precision plastic injection products for medical devices.

Comprehending the medical device plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing process is essential for achieving cost-effectiveness. By choosing THY Precision, product designers and inventors can significantly streamline concept development, saving valuable time and avoiding the costs associated with trial and error. Choose THY Precision for efficient and precise solutions in medical device plastic injection molding.

Cleanroom Injection Molding

Cleanroom Injection molding services are an important requirement for the production of medical devices. THY Precision provides a climate-controlled injection molding area covering approximately 54,000 sq. ft. Additionally, we have an ISO 8 cleanroom (Class 100K) for injection molding about 13,000 sq. ft. and an ISO 7 cleanroom (Class 10K) assembly line covering 7,500 sq. ft. to ensure they meet stringent cleanliness and safety standards.

Our automated technologies and high-precision facilities enable the production of products in cleanrooms throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing both high quality and precision.

Why Choose THY for Your Contract Medical Device Manufacturer?

Here are the advantages you can gain by entrusting your product to a contract medical device manufacturer with THY Precision:

Cost Savings

All-in-one production and reduced overall manufacturing expenses

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved productivity and adaptability

Streamlined Operations

Integrated and efficient production process