Automated Manufacturing

The Key to Smart and Efficient Micro Plastic Injection Molding

The automated manufacturing is one of our main competitive advantages in the industry of plastic micro molding, including automatic mass production, cutting, packing and assembly system with the minimum human operation.

Optimized application performance

Automated production optimizes application performance, improving production efficiency and quality while reducing human error.

Part consolidation / assembly

Automated manufacturing allows for part consolidation and assembly, streamlining the production process and reducing assembly time.

Reduction of long term installation costs

Automated manufacturing reduce long-term installation costs by increasing efficiency and reducing the need for extensive human intensive human intervention.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Intellectualized Molding Technology for Plastic Injection Molding of Precision Components

AOI is used to monitor every detail of each production stage and the status of plastic injection molding machines.

  • In-mold sensors are utilized to display a real-time dynamic molding process.
  • AOI is able to detect and report any issues in the molding process in real-time, allowing for timely corrections to be made.
  • The use of AOI and in-mold sensors contributes to improved quality control and efficiency in the plastic injection molding process.

Explore THY Precision’s Automated Manufacturing for Injection Molding

THY Precision is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding with the ability to scale and meet customers’ quality and quantity demands. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and precision in tool construction enable us to shot weight and the molding process with great accuracy, maintaining reliability for millions of shots.