Design & Engineering

Supporting Your Product Design From Initial Concept To Product Launch

Engaging THY in the early stages of the design and development process is a key factor in achieving positive outcomes. THY Precision takes a proactive role in shepherding the design and development journey, fine-tuning customers’ products to ensure sustained, dependable manufacturing and on-time delivery. Our core focus lies in devising design and product development strategies that prioritize ease of manufacture, providing valuable assistance to clients in areas such as new product development, streamlining multiple parts, creating integrated assemblies, and implementing automated manufacturing solutions.

Mold Design

Moldflow Analysis


Design for Assembly

Design for Manufacturability

Reverse Engineering

Process Development And Engineering Support

We have the capability to replicate your obtained or existing component or assembly, whether you have technical drawings or not, using reverse engineering techniques. This process involves a thorough analysis, 3D modeling, and the development of new tooling as needed.

The THY team also offers manufacturing engineering services aimed at helping clients create and enhance manufacturing systems for intricate product lines. Our team of seasoned engineering professionals possesses decades of expertise to aid clients in assessing various manufacturing solutions for vital applications. THY takes into account the entire process of equipment and process design and their seamless integration, covering everything from molding to packaging.