Medical Device Injection Molder/Molding Company

Medical Device Injection Molding Company With ISO 13485 Certification

At THY Precision, as a leading medical device injection molding company, we understand that precision and quality are of the utmost importance in the medical industry. 

Our team is highly skilled in the use of specialized facilities and techniques to produce plastic medical devices with precision and accuracy. We are committed to meeting the highest standards in the industry, including ISO 13485 certification, which ensures that our manufacturing processes are compliant with stringent quality management standards specific to medical device production.

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Highest Quality of Medical Grade Plastic Injection Molded Components​

Durability and Biocompatibility

​Medical Device Assembly and Packing System​

ISO Class 8 (100K) CleanRoom for Molding & ISO Class 7 (10K) Cleanroom for Assembly

Cleanroom Molding and Assembly for Advancing Medical Solutions

Specializing as a medical injection molder, THY Precision operates with an unwavering commitment to quality. We maintain high standards with our ISO Class 8 cleanroom molding facility, which allows us to maintain a controlled environment that minimizes the risk of contamination during the manufacturing process. We also have an ISO Class 7 cleanroom assembly area, which ensures the highest level of control over air quality and particle counts during the final assembly and packaging of medical devices.

In our capacity as a medical device injection molding company, we offer diverse medical solutions including:

  • Chamber filters, dialyzer filters, caps, medical-grade implantable plastic components
  • Pump connectors, intravenous infusion drip components, bacteria filters, plastic components for blood bags
  • Laboratory consumables, and injectors for IOL applications, etc.

THY Precision: A Front-Runner Among Medical Injection Molders

As one of the leading medical device injection molding companies, THY Precision stands as a trusted choice among medical injection molders. We are dedicated to upholding the highest quality and precision standards in the medical device manufacturing industry, ensuring the safety and efficacy of the devices we produce.

If you are interested in medical device injection molding and require top-tier quality and precision, we invite you to contact THY Precision to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

THY Precision provides OEM medical plastic micro parts.