In-House Mold Design And Tooling

Precision injection molding is an advanced and specialized technique that relies on precision injection molds and state-of-the-art machinery. It differs significantly from standard injection molding methods and is crucial for creating precise plastic components with intricate designs.

THY Precision excels in producing precise plastic components through precision injection molding. Our services include the following:

Mold Design

The entire mold design process is meticulously planned and communicated to guarantee that the tooling aligns with the product’s intended specifications, encompassing the selection of machine types and sizes for the production.

​Mold Flow Analysis

At THY Precision, we utilize the newest and most advanced Moldex 3D software to achieve the highest quality and most efficient results. Before manufacturing the mold, engineers use Modex 3D simulation to verify their designs and prevent any potential short shots or tolerance errors. In addition to discovering potential problems in advance, Moldex 3D helps improve and optimize design. This technology prevents any trial-and-error experimental methods and saves customers’ time and money. 

Injection Molding & Manufacture Flow Chart

Achieving precision-molded plastic parts with strict tolerances and consistent quality depends on the use of precision injection molds and tooling. The molds play a pivotal role in ensuring that each component meets the exact specifications outlined in the design engineering phase, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every part produced.

↑ THY Precision provides custom micro injection molding services to meet customer requirements.​

Micro Plastic Injection Molded Parts

THY Precision currently designs and manufactures the following injection micro-molded plastic products:

Please contact us for your custom injection molding needs, in all probability, we can meet or exceed your requirements.

Trusted Partner

We have been working in the micro injection molding industry for decades and supported all kinds of micro plastic and clean products such as medical partsoptical parts, and micro electronics  etc. A trusted partner in the world, THY Precision combines recognized industry experts, high precision machines and equipment, automated systems to provide the utmost in customer service and medical device contract manufacturing solutions. Committed to achieving customer satisfaction, we take extreme care to ensure consistent before and after sales service.